Writing an IELTS Essay Introduction

Writing a research paper introduction is less like writing an essay introduction, and more like writing an essay. The two strategies outlined here will help students unfamiliar with the process learn how to write a great research paper introduction; they’ll also help those who are familiar with the process refine their techniques. While simple, these two tips can save students a lot of time and quite a few headaches!

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All documents need a start, a middle and an end. Traditionally, we think of the Introduction, Body and Conclusion as the key parts of an essay. Logically, this helps us set the context for the essay (introduction), present the facts and develop the arguments (body) and summarize the main points or the answer to the question set (conclusion).
Writing an essay Introduction
This introduces the main idea of your essay and draws the reader into the subject. A good introduction gets to the heart of the subject and captures the interest of the reader. It should:

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