"Years Leading Up To The Revolutionary War Essay"

The prompts used most frequently by instructors for a war essay are:

Regardless of which war you are going to write about, whether it is the Civil War, WWI, WW2, Vietnam or Iraq War, you will need to first decide on your topic and then choose a method of approach to use in writing the war essay. The approach that you take in writing the essay will dictate both the structure of your war essay and which facts and information you choose to include. Read more about the you may take and the for your war essay.

The winners of the 2014 Civil War Essay Contest:

Similarly, if a student has to write a Civil War essay, there are hundreds of term papers and essays available online that can be downloaded or referred to but only as essay samples for the future review. Undoubtedly, the essay cannot be submitted in its existing form as it will be the act of direct plagiarism. Therefore, the student will have to choose a topic and research the subject before getting down to the actual Civil War essay writing. Keep in mind that the finished paper should be literate, error and plagiarism free as well as original, authentic and coherent. Students have to make sure to proofread and editing the paper couple of times before submitting to instructor for review and grading.

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The 2015–2016 Civil War Essay Contest is open. The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2016. Additional information, contest forms, a scoring rubric, and other important details on submissions can be found in the