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A Review of Howard H. Peckham, The Colonial Wars: 1689-1762 (Chicago, Illinois: University of Chicago Press, 1964) For most, the history of the United States begins with the American Revolution. But, what led up to that momentous decision to separate from Great Britain? From where did our Foundi...

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Publication of the journal grew out of an international conference on the History of Religions held in 1959 at the University of Chicago. Essays from the conference were collected in "The History of Religions: Essays in Methodology," (University of Chicago Press), one of numerous books edited by Dr. Kitagawa and Dr. Eliade.

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The Nation Takes Shapeby Marcus Cunliffepublished by the University of Chicago Press1789-1800Bobby EarlMs. ... A third enthralling detail is that many people bought land in small cities in the 1820's for about a dollar an acre, but by the 1940's, some of the land, in cities such as Chicago, had jumped to becoming worth over $3000. ...