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Every year, the University of Chicago breaks away from the traditional college essay mold and asks our applicants to consider topics that are a little… uncommon. In past years, we’ve asked to hear your favorite joke, your thoughts on Wednesdays, or your best attempt to pinpoint Waldo’s whereabouts. These unconventional prompts are a chance to show your creative intellect and explore an unusual topic in a surprising and profound way - wherever your imagination leads you.

And now, here is a sneak peak at this year's exciting, interesting, and inspiring essay questions - weeks before our supplement is released. So: drumroll, please! The 2014-2015 University of Chicago essay questions are:

University Of Chicago Admissions Essay - .xyz

This post will focus on some background for the very interesting but contradictory prompt two of this year’s University of Chicago application essays–the language prompt, probably better named the Whorfian language prompt. This post is Part 1 of two posts on this prompt. I will cover some background and get into a few ideas for approaching this prompt, then follow up with more specific ideas in the part II post on this prompt. Who should read this: Anybody applying to U Chicago in 2014-2015.

University Of Chicago Admission Essay - .xyz

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