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Could somebody who have already passed at UChicago, or really know how they evaluate the applications, answer this thread please? I really really really want to go to UChicago... How were your UChicago essays?

I actually quite like my UChicago essay. It feels more focused, I guess.

The UChicago supplemental essays might throw you off at first. The questions are strange, quirky, thought-provoking, and definitely daunting. You may not have thought of anything like these questions before, but that's okay! The UChicago supplements are a great chance for you to step back from the typical admissions process, think about something different, and express yourself creatively.

Would you please read over my UChicago essays

In honor of UChicago essay #4 this year, enjoy this picture of my friend Katie dressed as a mantis shrimp for Halloween.

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