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The Internet allows a way of capturing a snapshot of your personal thoughts and experiences. Web blogs are fine if you want to publish your rants and diary of the day for everybody on earth to nose into. But blogs can clearly be too personalized and irrelevant, as they rarely capture the flavour an individual's experiences and concern about the planet as a whole - but Time Capsule essays can to be constructive - food-for-thought, which readers may be inspired by, and in turn help to improve the mindset of humanity towards more compassionate ways of thinking. This is how the Time Capsule aims to always make your voice available as a reflection for all ... now ... and in a hopefully more compassionate future.

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Students from five Livermore schools participated in the City Millennium Time Capsule essay project. Papers written by the ten first place and seven runners-up were placed into the Millennium Time Capsule before its burial at noon on Friday, January 14 in Civic Center Park between the main library and city hall.

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Winners of the Time Capsule Essay Competition were announced on Thursday, April 28th. Herb Souza won 1st place, with Valerie Clementi and Matthew Banach taking Honorable Mentions. A committee composed of students, staff and faculty chose the winners of the contest anonymously out of a total of 16 entries. The winning essays will be placed in a time capsule in the University Archives to be opened in 2111.