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The things they carried essay question needs to be attempted with great care, as this is the book that focuses on history and thus you can look at different history books or even search online for information. If you look online you will be able to find information that you can easily include in your essay.
The main character of the book focuses on a Lieutenant who was a protagonist, who was obsessed with young women. There are several essay questions that you can be asked:

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When a student is assigned work on argumentative essay particularly on the things they carried argumentative essay the student should identify a particular scenario for example, war and what happened in such a scene and how the two conflicting parties responded in the war. If the student does not know how to write the things they carried argumentative essay, he should read a sample that gives the guidelines of how to write this type of an essay before writing his or her essay. The student should describe the characters of the victims, for instance, the ones who were bold and courageous, those who chickened out and not forgetting the disadvantages as well as the advantages of the war and the results of the war. After identifying this, the student can then write the things they carried argumentative essay about the war. The student should be more creative and write this war experience more attractively arguing on both sides of the war. The student should support and writing all ideas on the things they carried argumentative essay to support the ideas and argument of the student. The student should convince the lecturer that the victims of war he or she is supporting was the one who was being victimized and not the other by provision of enough evidence through writing the things they carried argumentative essay in a way that is appealing to all the essay readers. The student must give an insight of argumentative essay on the war by writing a descriptive and persuasive argumentative essay which makes the reader and more so the lecturer to feel that this experience is as lively as watching a movie in a cinemas.

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There are many books that have been written and that focus on real incidents from the Vietnam War but the things they carried is unique in many ways. The book just does not focus on real life stories but the author of the book also adds a bit of fiction to it. Critics believe that the book is actually a narration of the author’s own life in the Vietnam War. In the book the author talks about a particular platoon that took part in the war. If you are asked to attempt the things they carried essay topics, you will have to make sure that you keep in mind that this is an essay based on the Vietnam War and if you try to tweak the information, then you will be caught easily.