You can filter by specific criteria too. In the example above, two criteria have been selected from The Textual Analysis Essay: Project Content and Writing, Grammar, Style, and Organization. The information displayed below the Criteria Breakdown for Assignment area reflects the selections.

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After filtering a specific rubric (The Textual Analysis Essay for example) you can choose to display data for all of the assignment's criteria by selecting the assignment name on the left (highlighted above). Below the Criteria Breakdown for Assignment area is the list of students and the scores they received for the assignment. The scores are detailed by color which represents different performance levels. The key for these colors is found in the bottom-left corner of the report window.


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A textual analysis essay is a fairly complex type of essay. The main reason that it is more complex than other essays is that you have to go a lot deeper when writing it. You can’t just describe some details or state whether you agree or disagree. You will have to analyze how effective the writer was in presenting their argument. It is an analysis of a piece of work and instead of looking at the actual content of the piece like most essays, this essay looks more at how the author developed and expressed the content. It looks at the methods used to portray the information rather than the information itself.