Take a look at the stress essay question:

How do individuals realize that they are stressed? Your essay on stress management must include these points to give the best understandings to the readers without any confusions. The individual body reacts to push negatively. Numerous organic changes occur which incorporate yet are not constrained to the following: breathing largely, muscles tension, sweats, tremors, dry mouth, dialating of pupils, reaction are not clear and there are numerous more (Wagner& Taylor). The aforementioned alterations can create health situations if encountered to every now and again. The form regularly ends up being worn down making it more helpless to coming to be getting sick. Hinging on how genuine the anxiety, can confirm the severity of its effect.

Stress is now a major problem in many countries around the world.

d. Encounter Stress: This type of stress revolves around individual contacts. People get stressed when they are anxious about interacting with a particular group of individuals or a particular person (Albrecht, 2010). It often occurs in a situation where workers interact with clients or customers who may be in some form of distress. Physicians and social workers are very familiar with this kind of stress because of the kinds of people they deal with. Equally stressful is an interaction by an employee with the incident handling team following a compromise or security incident. Especially if the employee is worried s/he will be held, even if partly, responsible for the incident. On the flip side, contact overload can also lead to this form of stress. Consider your incident handler having to continually meet with employees on the defensive, distrusting the incident handling team's intent.

Also, you may notice that 'we' is used a lot in the stress essay.

What are some of the factors  that cause this stress, and how can we reduce it?

a. Time Stress: This is where individuals lack enough time to complete all of their assigned duties. Such individuals agonize and are bothered by the number of things they are supposed to do (Albrecht, 2010). Hence, they worry and fear that they will, at some point, fail to do something important. In essence, such workers feel trapped, hopeless and unhappy about their status. Workers under this type of stress worry about deadlines and most of the time rush to avoid being late (Fried, 2008).