This is a six word essay developed for educational purpouses only

The US Environmental Protection Agency is partnering with Smith Magazine to host and publish “six word essays” about the Earth. Here are a few examples from the site:

Excerpts from “The Diversity Project” (six word essay on diversity in the AEC community)

On January 18th, the grassroots education reform nonprofit launched its “Six Word Essay Contest” on what it means to be a great teacher. The idea behind the contest was to present an opportunity to celebrate those teachers who had a significant impact on our lives, and “to remind our country of the value of a great teacher.” (And the winner will receive an iPad 2 and a $500 gift certificate to buy school supplies for the classroom of their choice.)

Six word essay | Teacher Tricks

The assignment: a six word essay on love and loss in time for Valentine's Day.

If you have only two seconds of the day, you can definitely finish at least one article... along with Morbus's normal bitching, he spent six little words and branded it a new article. I can only shake my head. And be sure to catch part three of Rown Garbii's analysis on the ten commandments and whether he's been good or bad. Contains: A Six Word Essay by Morbus, A Tab Bit OverZealousness by Morbus and ASSHOLIC: The Greatest Article Ever Told by Rown Garnbii.