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There are many great examples from history to use for the SAT essay, but here are five that you may already know about. I’ve identified some common SAT essay topic themes that each piece of evidence will work for.

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There’s a lot of (mostly-wrong) advice about the SAT Essay out there, but here’s why you should want to read this SAT Essay Prompts” post instead of someone else’s –

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State Your Intentions! The middle paragraphs of your college personal statement or essay should go into a little more depth about what you plan on majoring in. If you've taken a class, had something really significant happen to your, or just have a really good story about something or someone that prompted you to pursue Education (as an example) as a career, tell them about that!AP Pass - AP Test Score Calculators. ePrep SAT, ACT, and PSAT Online prep courses. Practice for the ACT Test with the "Real ACT Prep Guide"Free Online Test Prep. Free SAT Prep. SAT Preparation: The SAT Essay. The SAT Essay The SAT Essay asks students to write a response to an essay assignment, or prompt.