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Travel Photography Essays by Dani Blanchette

Avant-garde art a century ago remains a primary source of innovation in photographic expression. Many of the avant-garde experiments included photography as well a variety of related materials and media. These, and a wide diversity of experiments with the printed page, photomontage, and the combination of mediums, provide some of the precedents for today's changing digital technologies (Rodchenko, Radio City, page 93).

The journal editors especially encourages politically inspired photographic essays.

One of the most celebrated directors in American independent cinema, John Waters is at his vibrant best when flaunting Hollywood’s rules or reveling in bad taste. The director of Pink Flamingos (1972) and Pecker (1998) brings the same wit and audacity to the art gallery. Perched upon his Bad Director’s Chair, Waters has cast his eye over some unlikely corners of the film business, transforming his observations of all the glamour and heartbreak of Hollywood into photographic essays and narrative sculptures that are both ridiculously honest and brutally humorous. Waters becomes the self-appointed press agent for his newly conceived “little movies” who would surely be fired the first day of a shoot by the furious producers.

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Photographic Essays | Stevn & Corinne Alavekios

A photographic essay was used as a center piece of the college magazine. Working with a partner, we were able to create a design that lead the viewer into the spread by laying out the photos in such a way that the subjects in the photographs point towards the center of the piece.