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Without the argument of whether abortion should be legalized or not, there has been very increased pressure on unquestionable abortion situations such as when a woman is raped. She may end up with a pregnancy which she does not want to keep. Here she is much traumatized to see her keeping as well as raising a baby bored by her rapist. In writing a persuasive essay on abortion, this is one of the very key points that come across more often than not. Women who are known to be pro-abortion or who have activated for it have been known to be shunned as well as mistreated by the society. In a persuasive essay against abortion, you will often find them being labeled as murders. This is the main reason behind this very UN accommodative voice in our society today.

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Very many religions in the world today do not support the issue of abortion. This has been very well emphasized by all those who do not support this practice. Those who do it are most times termed as immoral. In that sense, there have also been some situations where most of these religions have indeed allowed abortion. The widely accepted situation has been that of the one in which the carrying of the pregnancy to its full term would result to the death of the mother. Statistics have indeed shown than a very considerable percentage of women in the world will indeed have an abortion in their lifetime. In writing a persuasive essay against abortion, we should not ignore the fact that women will always do it. In a persuasive essay on abortion, however the issue of safety should always reign.