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provides a comparison of the foreign-born and US-born students’ standardized test scores interview scores, observational scores, and academic performance. After performing a 2-sample t test on the parametric variables, foreign-born students were found to have significantly lower PCAT reading and verbal scores. Further, after performing a Mann-Whitney U test on the nonparametric variables (PCAT essay and observational scores), observational scores were found to be significantly lower for the foreign-born students. There was no significant difference in the didactic and experiential scores between the 2 groups. The relationship between the 6 independent variables (PCAT variables: verbal, reading, essay, and composite, interview, and observational scores) and TOEFL was examined, and the results are summarized in . This model was significant (p=0.001).

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There was no significant difference in PCAT essay and interview scores between the 2 groups. However, the observational scores between the groups were significantly different, with a lower score observed for foreign-born students. The variability in the observational scores may be attributed to students’ presentation skills, level of confidence in communicating in English, proficiency of English, and/or accent. For the interview scores, the interview rubric did not quantitatively measure verbal communication skills. The students were rated based on the nature of their answers. However, students’ communications skills may have affected their rating on each question item on the interview rubric. Further, if students had excellent verbal communication skills, it was usually noted in the comments box as a strength. The evaluation for the interview score was subjective and dependent on the interviewer’s interaction with the student. For the academic performance of the groups, there was no significant difference between the didactic and experiential scores.