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Mla Format For Movie Titles In Essays

I had a bonafide obsession with Innis Town Hall in my early student days. Being a film minor seemed like the coolest thing I could ever do, watch movies at school and write about movies in essays and listen to charismatic professors who know David Cronenberg or Marcello Mastroianni and were on the TIFF juries that rejected Guy Maddin's first submission...where was I? Ah yes, I got to absorb all of these things while sitting in my favourite college at the University of Toronto: Innis.

The couches in the lobby were my favourite place for a nap, or to frantically try and finish a reading before class, and I ate very regularly at the adjacent Innis Cafe, where an exceedingly sweet and friendly family worked (not sure if they still do).

The free screenings on Fridays are an incredible resource which I feel lucky to have, and don't take advantage of nearly enough. They also often have some sneak previews of certain films, and special events like a few lectures I have attended by Atom Egoyan (who I get kind of giddy around) and interviews with people from the New Yorker's David Remnick to Jay Ingram (I sold books at both). Many film festivals also screen here. This is the college away from my own (the relatively lame New College).

Yes, you may underline movie titles or put them in italics

Movie titles in essays

Citing a movie in essays that has been shown in theatre would require you to begin citing by mentioning the name of the movie first then the name of the director followed by the distributor’s name and the releasing year.