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While Duke University is still in the process of fine-tuning their plagiarism reduction efforts, as we've seen, it's not the only school seeing a lot of copied material showing up in MBA admissions essays. Penn State's Smeal College of Business has turned down over 87 applicants since 2009; and during the more recent 2012-13 term, Smeal identified 40-plus applicants who plagiarized in their MBA admissions essays (roughly eight percent of their applying pool of candidates).

Writing your MBA admission essay is one the most critical aspects in gaining acceptance from the

There is a lot of conflicting advice available on the Internet as to what you should and should not include within your MBA admissions essay and as to how you should write it. You could spend several days researching and then several more days writing it and reviewing it several times and still not have an essay that you are happy with. If you are not happy with it then the chances are that the reviewers will not be that impressed either.
It is however possible for you to get help writing your MBA admission essay to ensure that you have the . These services will save you a huge amount of time and heartache wondering if your essay is up to scratch.

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professional demeanor. Your MBA admission essay is your first impression with the school that will

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