List of 96 Informative Essay Topics

Writing a good informative essay is an art form in itself. You have to hook the reader from the very beginning, especially when writing an academic essay where it's easy to descend into drudgery. Choosing interesting informative essay topics is the start of this. Pick something interesting and your job becomes much easier. Fail to do this and it's an uphill climb as you have to attempt to inject some excitement into something which isn't necessarily engaging.

To get you started in the right direction take a look at some informative essay topics below:

Informative essay topics are easier to choose from since they rely solely on the author doing thorough research and reporting their findings. However at the same time, they can be difficult to write considering that no opinion or feelings should be included within the essay, and sometimes that can be harder than it sounds, especially if you have strong opinions about the subject. For informative essay topics it’s therefore often best to choose a topic you know you will be able to remain unbiased for and report on the facts of the situation. Informative essay topics should also be chosen considering the amount of information, data and statistics available, since you will need a great deal of this in order to support your statements, showing that you are reporting the facts.

Informative Essay Topics and Ideas - Great Writing Prompts

Here are 50 exciting informative essay topics for you to take advantage of:

Informative essays topic on sports are not only vast but also very detailed which means you would never ran out of ideas at any one time. Just pick a game and explain how it played, the rules of the game; how the winner is determined and its place in the current world. You may also include the sports figures that play this kind of sport.