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When compared to persuasive and informational essays, narrative essays present an entirely different set of issues. All too often, students are stumped when they have to combine the skill or storytelling with organized essay writing. While persuasive essays and informational essays have formulas that are easy for students to follow, narrative essays are more artistic in nature. The art of narrative essay writing is what leaves many students feeling completely clueless about what to write.

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We recently caught up with Clemencia Acevedo, who is a teacher at MS325 Urban Science Academy, Bronx, NY. She presented at Digital Literacies about using wikis to help students write informational essays (her presentation ). Check out our Q&A with her below.

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But before you choose a topic it is vitally important that you understand what is required with an informational essay. Getting the right topic is essential but so too is understanding what is required when writing this type of essay. As the name implies this type of essay provides information.

To observe how my son takes a reading test, I offered a few test selections from which he chose: fiction, a description of an activity with lists, and an informational essay. My son picked the fiction passage because the title includes a food he loves:Likewise with your fellow students. By talking to them about their choice of informational essay topic you might get an idea for something ideal for you. Why has your fellow student chosen a particular topic? Where did they get the inspiration for that topic?And it's probably a good idea to understand what this type of essay is not. This is not an essay where you give an opinion. You are not there to convince the reader that something is wrong with the world or that your set of beliefs is the correct set of beliefs. If you attempt to write an informational essay in that vein, you run the risk of getting a poor if not a fail mark.• Ubiquitous: Celebrating Nature’s Survivors by Joyce Sidman (Informational & poetry, Grade 5 and up) A terrific book for showing how to deal with a given topic in more than one genre. Informational essays and correlating poems pay homage to nature’s toughest species.