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“I had a lot of questions about the college application process. I didn’t even know where to apply or what I should look for. College Counseling Associates gave me the guidance I needed. From helping me think of ideas for essays to giving me encouragement and confidence, my counselor became an invaluable asset in aiding me with anything having to do with college.” Paul, attended Johns Hopkins University

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The college application process can be extremely stressful. Many clients have told us that we helped them enormously just by being there to answer quick questions or to give them ideas for essays. Otherwise, they said, they would have just spun their wheels, or worried. While we view ourselves as admissions consultants who help our clients maximize their chances of getting accepted into their top-choice programs, we do acknowledge that stress relief is a valuable byproduct for many of our clients.

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The following topics could be used for discussions of this story, but theyare listed as ideas for essays. Send other essay topics related to "ARose for Emily" to Litonline webmaster Prof. Eric Hibbison at