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As a high school junior, I met with Sandy, a Marin Education Fund adviser who helped me see that college was not just a far off dream but a clearly attainable goal. She encouraged me to broaden the scope of my college search to think about not only community colleges, but also state and private colleges that I had considered beyond my reach. She guided me on how to write a college admissions essay and was my final editor before sending off my completed admissions packet. And she helped me see that financial resources were available if I demonstrated the potential and the desire to go to college.

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While the site includes basic information such as how to visit and how to apply and information on the different schools and colleges, it also includes videos that instruct prospective students how to apply for financial aid, how to write a college admissions essay, and how to choose a major.

How To Write a Compelling College Admission Essay Part 1

How Not to Write a College Admissions Essay

How to write a college admissions essay
Many students find the college admissions essay to be one of the most difficult pieces to write because it can be challenging to strike a balance between "bragging" and "boring." This session helps you find the right balance to ensure that you represent your best self on paper.