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Good how to essay examples can show you how to write the best essay, and how to make it easy to follow your essay step by step. The better the example, the better your essay will turn out in the end.

If it's a How To essay the sentences should be "Do this..

How to are available just about wherever you look. The how-to sections, or better known as do-it-yourself sections, of magazine are great examples of this type of essay. The sole purpose of a how to essay is to instruct someone how to make or fix a certain things. If the example you read is confusing, then the author of the article clearly did not know how to write an appropriate how to essay.

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A process essay is an essay that is like a recipe, it is also referred to as a How to essay. They are meant to give instruction to the audience on how to do something like how to complete a task or how to make something. This type of essay is one of the most easiest types of essays to write as well as one of the most fun essays to write. It is the best way to teach someone something new and it is the easiest way to give some advice.