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“In U.S. history, he had a little problem writing to begin with, so I helped show him how to answer essay questions. He caught on to it pretty quick and did a real good job,” Harris said. “His senior at Mississippi State, I went into a little store on a Sunday afternoon and ran into David as he was coming out with his fiancée.

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And also because we have such a huge population, limited teacher/school for student evaluation, paper/pen exams become the only reliable and relatively fair way to evaluate all students. As a result, our entire elementary and secondary education is exam driven. It get worse as the grade gets higher, the 3 year high school is the worst. When you're so focused on the exam results, teachers and students are almost encouraged to find short cuts. I'm not talk about cheating, but rather exam skills. It is expected for a teacher to teach students how to take exam, how to anticipate questions, how to allocate time, how to answer essay questions and so on.

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How to Answer Essay Questions For A Job Interview

At the end of the semester, additional scaling of the final course grade of up to a full letter grade (10pts) will take into account improvement over the semester and compensate for one particularly bad grade. Scaling most benefits those who 'bomb' exam 1 and then show dramatic improvement. In previous semesters, many students who failed exam 1 have seen the TA and me for help. They learned more about where they went wrong, how to study for conceptual questions, and how to answer essay questions. On exam 2 many have scored 20 points higher and a little higher still on exam 3. With the scaling, many who began the semester with D's and F's have earned A's and B's for their overall class grade!