2015 GRHS Youth Essay Contest Scholarship Searcher

The GRHS Essay Contest is open to middle school, high school, and full - time undergraduate students. To enter, you must submit an essay on a subject related to German - Russian history, heritage, or culture based on this year's theme of "Germany/Russia/Americas... Giant Steppes Toward Freedom". A contestant does not need to be of German - Russian ...

GRHS Essay Contest - HBCU Scholarship/Grant

I write this August column having returned from a memorable experience in Bismarck attending the 37th Annual Germans from Russia Heritage Society (GRHS) International Convention. I was most impressed with the focus of developing interest with younger generations, including the GRHS Youth Essay Contest.

All entries must include an Official GRHS Youth Essay Contest ..

GRHS Essay Contest Theme

I chose this scholarship because you can ALL apply. Deadline: March 31, 2011**$1000. The 2011 GRHS Essay Contest is open to middle school students (sixth through eighth grade), high school students and full-time undergraduate university/college students. The subject of the paper must be related to German-Russian history, heritage or culture and must be the contestant’s original work. A contestant does not need to be of German-Russian heritage to enter the contest. Previous contestants are encouraged to enter each year; however, resubmission of previously judged work is not permitted.