of an Expository Essay Handout: Expository Essay Outline Directions

This part of the expository essay outline consists of paragraphs that will support your thesis statement. Each paragraph centers on a single main point, and these paragraphs are organized as you mentioned them in the introduction.

Narrative Persuasive & Expository Essay Outlines image 4

Find a suggested expository essay outline below. This can be used as a starting point. Ensure that you have brainstormed your effectively and have sufficient material on hand which will assist you in supporting your main ideas.

Narrative Persuasive & Expository Essay Outlines


The final part of the expository essay outline is the conclusion. Restate your thesis statement and your three main topic lines using slightly different wording. Finally, end with an interesting line that cleverly clinches your essay, making your reader smile or ponder about what you have written.

This blog post contains a tutorial of how to write an expository essay outline. I’ve included some helpful imagery, advice, and a downloadable outline template for your convenience.