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Isolation from expression and imagination causes the narrator to sink into madness and therefore develop an unhealthy obsession with the yellow wallpaper. Forced to hide her thoughts and worries from her husband in hope for a happy marriage, the narrator attempts to overcome the depression that is eating away at her. The repression from all emotions except that of passive is what drove the narrator into a state of insanity. She becomes focused upon nothing but figuring out what lies within the wallpaper, and therefore understanding herself. The ideal of women being useful only at home at home taking care of the children is a strong message that enslaved many women. Such a thing not only happened to the narrator in “The Yellow Wallpaper” personally, but it also drove her to insanity. Becoming entranced with the wallpaper, the narrator finally is able to understand the connection that she is looking upon herself image within the wallpaper, realizing that what she has searched for so long was herself.