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It is vital when interacting with a service user I am aware of the values I hold, as Dominelli points out,. The social and knowledge contexts within which values are embedded impact upon their use,.' (2004, p65). Essays in Ethical Values for Theory, Practice, and Policy. Collection of essays exploring the intersection of social economics and the law, providing alternatives. A persons value system can be made up of personal, ethical, cultural or political. This essay shows excellent understanding of social work essays On Ethics And Values In Social Work values: where they.

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that every kind of feeling has a certain intensive quantity, positive or negative (or perhaps zero), in respect of preferableness or desirableness, and that this quantity can be known; so that each can be weighed in ideal scales against every other (Henry Sidgwick, “Utilitarianism”, now in Essays on Ethics and Method, edited by M.G. Singer, p.6; see also The Methods of Ethics, book II, ch. II, s. I, pr. I, p.123.).