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Free IB extended essay writing samples can be availed by reaching out to useful resources online providing great scope for availing help in writing the essay and mastering the art of writing an extended essay from basic level to be enhanced to match the level of mastery through regular writing practice. Writing an extended essay, needs the writer to have basic traits like clear thinking and good organizing skills to narrate the whole essay in easy to read format by taking efforts to maintain the language flow through use of reason in the essay draft without making deviations from the topic discussed in the essay to be specific and relevant to topic research. The extended essay has to serve its purpose of writing and provide complete justice to work and the topic chosen for research and study. It must have an introduction, body and conclusion and must be explained in details through a higher limit for word count. Initial help in essay writing can be availed by help gained from online sources and websites having an abundance in literature to access useful assistance in writing an extended essay for free.

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