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Take a look at a few of the common types of essays noted below. And as a fun exercise, see if you can spot any of the essay styles the next time you're perusing your favourite newspaper, magazine, or website.

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Students at university studying literature will be required to write essays quite often. Literature essay writing is time consuming and difficult, requiring excellent analytical and writing skills. Literature essays can be interesting for literature majors, but most other students find them difficult to write. A good essay on literature is a combination of analytical, comparable and argumentative essay styles.

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While many students are given instruction on the type of essay they should produce, you may have an option on which style to use for your content. Judging people has various elements that can be broken down into smaller concepts. To help you understand which style is best you should review and compare available options. Common styles include compare and contrast, cause and effect, descriptive, definition, persuasive, and narrative to name a few. You should review in detail the purpose of each essay style and then think about how the topic you want to introduce will fit into the purpose and structure.