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A student can request a multiple-choice hand score verification or essay score verification, or both, by completing a and submitting the request in writing. Encourage any student considering score verification to read the information that comes with the form carefully before requesting this service. Students can also call (this link takes you to the student section of this website) to request the form.

Enter your SAT Essay Score and get your ACT equivalent.

Although the College Board doesn’t release a ton of specific information about SAT essay scores, I’ve had the chance to estimate the average score at about a 6, based on my experience as a tutor.

What if Your Students Had a Writing Tutor? They do! EssayScorer.

Here are the raw to scaled multiple choice and essay score conversion tables for the .

Make sure the information you’re getting is current. If your essay score is not competitive with other applicants’ scores, then you have a “bad SAT essay score” at the moment, right?

I took the SAT for my first time this June, and just got my SAT scores back. I'm not entirely sure about my essay score and what the highest score possible is. I got an 08. Is this a good score? What is the the essay out of? 20? 15?To see if you are ready for the actual GED Language Arts, Writing Test, use the conversion chart below to determine your GED score. Count the number of questions you answered correctly on Part I of the test and find that number in the left-hand column. Then find your GED essay score across the top of the chart. Read across and down to find the combined GED standard score. Remember that you must score 2 or above on the essay to pass the Language Arts, Writing Test.Based on my professional tutoring experience (I’ve worked with over 100 students on SAT prep), the average SAT essay score is right in the middle!IMPORTANT: The verification of essay scores does not include rereading the essay or an appeal of the essay score. The score verification fee will not be refunded for essays written in pen.