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Stereotypes of MenBoth Scott Russell Sanders' Looking at Women and Herb Goldberg's InHarness: The Male Condition discuss the idea of stereotypes of men in today'ssociety. ... Sanders' essay builds on the stereotypes ofmen by giving examples of men who fit these stereotypes. ... Goldberg's essay focuses on the idea that stereotypes of men dictate theirlives. ... Rather, the stereotypes ofwomen are more inclusive of different lifestyles than the stereotypes of men. ... Bothauthors believe there is a need to change these stereotypes. ...

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The thematic essays demonstrate the thorough knowledge of anime history that the authors have. They provide information that readers are not likely to stumble across elsewhere. They supply background information on the growth of the industry and place landmark animations in their historical context. Not everyone will agree with everything that is written in these essays. For example, within the essay on Argon and Jargon, the authors define moe as a “fetishistic obsession with a particular topic or hobby, entering modern parlance as a replacement for otaku.” They then go on to discuss it as “an intense attraction” to young innocent girls. It is this last definition that tends to be the most common and recognizable one in fandom with several articles and a book dedicated to that definition. The essay on stereotypes delves into the history of character development and their archetypes back to kabuki theater. The essay on puppetry reminds readers that animation evolved in some part from another form and that some of the earliest animations combined the two forms. The essay on translation is enhanced by Mr. Clements’ experience in the field and references one incident that he describes more fully in Schoolgirl Milky Crisis. Entries on wartime anime, documentaries, technology and formats, and gaming and digital animation provide historical perspective, illustrate how changes over time have impacted anime, and introduce younger viewers to the breadth of anime history. For those interested in particular genres, such as sports, science fiction, romance, or horror, those essays provide an excellent introduction and include anime that are exemplars of each.

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