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Perelman did not dispute the possibility that automated essay grading may correlate highly with human grading in the NJIT experiment. The problem, he said, is that his research has demonstrated that there is a flaw in almost all standardized grading of short essays: In the short essay, short time limit format, scoring correlates strongly with essay length, so the person who gets the most words on paper generally does better — regardless of writing quality, and regardless of human or computer grading.

Dear Chris,Please could you tell me as to how can we get our essays graded.

25-page “5-minute Essay Grading System” e-book (PDF) with detailed directions, visual examples, and TONS of tips to help you slay your paper-load dragon

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If you’d like to get your essays graded (but not by us), this post will help with that:

GRE students enrolled in comprehensive In-Person courses should speak to their instructor about options for having their essays graded.