Essay format example: What is a proper standard essay format

If this essay formatting template is kept in mind, no one should have to ask, “What is an essay format?” One can never go astray if this standard essay format is utilized to construct an essay. As well, this essay format example can easily be expanded for use in term/research papers that rely on much more breadth and depth. The body paragraphs or sections will certainly be more numerous, but the standard essay format does not change!

Essay Format Example: Academic Essay Writing

From the standard essay format example above, the student should begin to get a strong idea of the purpose for each of the paragraphs or sections of an academic piece. The introduction is just that – it introduces your topic and provides some type of thesis statement, research question, or hypothesis. Each of the body paragraphs must relate to this thesis and will provide the evidence or information that supports your thesis or answers your research question. The conclusion re-states the thesis in some manner and, as well, provides the opportunity to pose additional questions, point toward additional response, and/or calls readers to action.

The basic essay format example is therefore this: 1

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