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Can you check my grammar? This is the last sentence in my essay for a scholarship. I know it

San Francisco State University’s Office of Student Financial Aid provides an example of an essay for a scholarship application. There is more good advice on letters of recommendation and thank you letters. The sample scholarship essay is located at

York College
has a sample essay, including the original questions that need to be addressed within the personal statement of the scholarship essay.

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Q: I am preparing to write my essay for a scholarship, what should I include?

When you are writing an essay for a scholarship application, you want to select a persona that is consistent with the values of the entity granting the scholarship. Traits of professionalism, dedication, perseverance, and integrity may be valued by that entity. In some instances, very specific traits might be ranked high. For example, if the scholarship grantor is one related to military service, the values might include commitment to service and honor.