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The writers for Essay Edge are among the leading in their field and are graduates from some of the best schools in the country including Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, and Stanford to name a few. Essay Edge works with five main categories of essay or admission paper that include:
1. College: Getting into college is sometimes harder than finding a job. There are always many applicants and not everyone gets in. A great way to gain an edge on the competition is with a well crafted essay to help you stand out.
2. Graduate School: A step above college and even harder to get into. Here is where you really need to be sure that your essay sparkles.
3. Business School: Having a great essay is key to gaining admission to your business school of choice. Only seven percent of applicants get into the school of their choice on the first try so it is imperative that you take advantage of every edge you can.
4. Law School: Over half of all law school applicants get rejected over and over again. You can combat this and greatly increase your odds of admission with a well written essay.
5. Medical School: If you’ve made it this far you owe it to yourself to have the best prepared essay or medical school personal statement possible.
The writers of Essay Edge will work hard and diligently to ensure that no matter what area of higher education you are attempting to move into that your quest will be just a bit easier because your essay will be the best that it can possibly be. Their customer satisfaction rate is over 97 percent and 82 percent of the users are admitted to their top choice school.
The essay that you will write is like your resume for getting a job. If it is not well prepared and doesn’t stand out from the rest, then your chances of getting where you want to go will be greatly diminished. Working with Essay Edge will give you that pop and sparkle you will need in your essay to ensure a great chance of you getting into the school of your choice.
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Whenever you decide that it time to further yourself via education there is almost always an essay that needs to be written and writing it yourself can prove a challenge, unless you employ the help of a company like Essay Edge. Your essay can often be the difference maker between getting into a college, grad school, or other higher education institute, and being shut out completely. For this reason it is imperative that you have the best prepared essay possible and that’s where Essay Edge comes in.
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