List Of Essay Contests For High School Students 2013

JICE arranges lecturers for various training or classroom lessons on international education at junior and senior high schools. We sponsor a variety of events like essay contests for high school students in Asian countries and programs enabling pupils or students to gain firsthand knowledge of international cooperation activities.

Constitution Day With Essay Contest for High School Students

As part of this celebration, the Center announced the winner of the inaugural Tolkien and Lewis High School Essay Contest for high school students, Lydia Martin. She was flown to the Celebration in Nashville to receive the award and read her winning essay to those attending the Celebration. also presented her with a $500 cash prize.

What Are the Benefits of Essay Contests for High School Students?

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Several different types of organizations sponsor essay contests for high school students. These organizations may range from commercial businesses to not-for-profit organizations such as churches, community service organizations, and schools. Students who participate in these contests may have the chance to win scholarships, cash, and other prizes as well as recognition for their writing skills. The scholarships are useful for assisting a student in pursuing his higher education goals, and the recognition may also enhance the student's applications for admission into various colleges and universities.