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Besides, motivation is a known concept of management science, and those student who prefer scientific academic style can try to find an interesting topic related to motivation theories or similar concepts in management. There is a great deal of various materials to analyze when working on such kind of academic essay about motivation. In management, most of motivation theories are based on human needs, like content theory of motivation. It is possible to analyze the works of Elton Mayo and Fred Taylor, who contributed greatly in theory of scientific management and tried to explain what factors play a role in how motivation works.

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Writing an essay about motivation is a very interesting and challenging assignment which is familiar to the students of many colleges and universities. Motivation is known as a strong force making a person do everything possible to achieve something. Motivation is quite a simple concept we all know about, but sometimes some students may have difficulties when choosing a proper topic or choosing a writing style appropriate for writing an essay on motivation, when choosing materials to refer to, or the opinion to argue for. This small article is an attempt to help such students and make writing as essay on motivation much easier.