[World] The 8th Eco-generation Environmental Essay Competition

The villagers of the association initiated and implemented, by themselves, a broad range of activities to protect the environment, including planting more than half a million trees on their own initiative, patrolling and preventing outsiders from coming to village lands to hunt and fish, monitoring wildlife numbers, cleaning up garbage, and environmental education activities including village environmental essay contests, and environmental skits and games at their yearly summer festival. One of the groups' projects, which combined the goals of environmental protection and Tibetan education, was an environmental journal that was produced for six years. This yearly journal was a compilation of Tibetan language selections about the environment ranging from quotes from religious texts to news from the internet, to translations of Chinese law, to the villagers ' own essays, which is then distributed to the villagers to raise awareness and knowledge of the environment. By making important contemporary issues available in Tibetan, the journal not only reached an audience that was otherwise unable to access information about the environment, but also encouraged a view of Tibetan as being a suitable and useful language for the modern world.

Environmental Essay Competition

Another exciting opportunity when it comes to writing environmental essays is the role of imagery to make the place and ecosystem you are writing about come to life. In this way, you can bring a certain amount of creative writing into an academic environmental paper. This, of course, should only be done when appropriate. But if you are able to make the place come to life for your reader, you will make a much more interesting paper.

ENG 397. Creative Non-fiction Writing: Environmental Essay. (3h)

ENG 397. Creative Non-fiction Writing: Environmental Essay. (3h)

To commemorate the year of 2015 Time for Global Action for People and Planet, Samsung Engineering in conjunction with the is proud to launch 'The 8th Eco-generation Environmental Essay Competition,' inviting young people all over the world to raise awareness on the UN's new initiative '2015 time for global action for people and planet'.