As part of graduation, all students are required to submit an essay detailing their experiences and what they’ve learned as a result of their DARE education. La Crosse Police Department DARE Officer Kurt Weaver submitted Anika’s essay to the 2014 Wisconsin DARE Essay Contest. Over 70 entries were reviewed by the Board of Directors at the Wisconsin State DARE Conference. Anika’s essay was chosen as a shining example of, “content and personal application of the things learned in DARE.” Her essay has been featured on the .

Arlinda Mel, 11, was the countywide DARE essay winner for the Henderson County Sheriff's Office.

It is not very difficult to write a DARE Essay. In order to write this essay effectively you need to start by collecting good, solid information on DARE. The word DARE is an acronym for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. and think about your own experiences. This kind of essay can be written on any .

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DARE essay is usually very personal as it contains examples from our lives so it will need more of your attention and feelings. Also by following the above guideline, your good grades are guaranteed.

In order to write Dare Essays you need to go through all the information you have on this subject. You can do this by reviewing handouts or booklets that contain useful information on this subject. Highlight the important points and make note of facts that are relevant to your essay.
Carry out a lot of research and write about the way in which drugs and alcohol has made an impact on your life. Look up related books in libraries and go through related sites on the Internet for additional information on your main idea. Ensure that you cite all references used. Remember that the best way to reach your audience is by giving your essay story a personal touch. If you personally know someone who has suffered from drug or alcohol addiction, talk about his or her experiences and tell his or her story. A real life story makes a huge impact on readers.Another aspect to the popular program is the curriculum. This is a part of DARE that can be written on to some extent. Writing a DARE essay will be much easier by incorporating the various factors of the the educational activities. It helps children to make good decisions as well as providing strong and healthy strategies for youth today.