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As the phrase implies, a critical analysis essay begins with analysis. This means that the work must be read thoroughly. As the essayist reviews the reading, he or she should be asking questions. The quality of the writing must be judged, the accuracy of the data must be weighed, and the inconsistencies must be investigated. The next step is the making of a critical analysis essay outline.


Critical essay outline should have the same elements as table of contents for any other type of writing assignment. In particular, your outline has to contain thesis statement, introduction, body, conclusion, and references. The body section should have at least three supportive arguments. For example, if you are writing about morality of abortions and your main idea is that abortion are morally right, you have to include three supportive arguments why you believe abortion is morally right.

Templates for Writing a Critique Essay Outline

The next step is to look through your notes and logically organize them. Check this example of a critique essay outline:

Critical essay outline should be written right after the topic is chosen and thesis statement is developed. The opening section should orient the reader in chosen theme and provide the overall opinion. For example, if you are on a book, introduction should inform the reader about the worth of this book. Body section may start either with analysis of the book strengths or weaknesses. It is advised to support your opinion with quotes and specific examples from a book. You may devote several paragraphs of your critical essay to themes, writing style, plot, characters, setting, mood, symbolism, etc. The concluding paragraph of your critical essay should be the restatement of introduction.