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: This creative nonfiction essay walks through a major injury sustained by my grandpa, Robert Wallace Blair. Written in the present tense, this story attempts to capture the emotional weight of the events; it was first written at the time of the events themselves.

“Basement Complex” creative nonfiction essay. Western Humanities Review, Winter 2012.

My consortium co-director David Guston — who is the project’s co-principal investigator — and I realized that the multifaceted science and innovation policy communications problem required a unique, collaborative approach. We established "To Think, To Write, To Publish" to bridge the multiple communications gaps by establishing 12 collaborative, two-person teams that paired next-generation science policy scholars with next-generation science writers. Together, they were tasked with learning creative nonfiction and narrative techniques and writing a creative nonfiction essay together, utilizing the scholar's research.

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: A creative nonfiction essay written in an experimental 2nd person point of view. The work examines the complex emotions of ending a relationship.