Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For College

Finding the appropriate compare and contrast essay topics for college can be quite difficult given that one would surely have exhausted all familiar topics in high school alone. But experience being the better teacher, it is often always acceptable to pick a topic one had chosen in high school and then write it in a whole new perspective. Almost anything can be a compare and contrast essay topic but one can choose a topic that has some impact on one’s major or one’s chosen field of study. Some samples of compare and contrast essay topics for college are: for science majors – habitat conservation versus ecological regulations, creationism versus evolutionism; for psychology majors – group thinking versus mob mentality; how men and women cope with stress; love marriages versus arranged marriages; disparity versus discrimination; for business majors – World Bank versus World Trade Organization, Ford Motor Company versus Chevrolet; for health care majors – low fat diet versus low carb diet, high fiber diet versus high protein diet; and for theology majors – spirit worship versus idol worship, Buddha versus Jesus Christ.

Essay Topics: Compare and contrast essay topics for college

Developing fresh compare and contrast essay topics for college will include getting ideas from previous assignments. In order to come up with something different you need to get an idea of what has already been done. Even so, you may get inspired to do something different with a topic of common interest. Nowadays you can come up with essay ideas based on what you want to write about. You can choose from different ideas based on current events, new discoveries and controversial issues. Here are tips to help you develop unique compare and contrast essay topics.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College.

compare and contrast essay topics for college students

The difficult part of finding a topic for Compare and Contrast Essays is finding two people, objects or occurrences that are both different and similar at the same time. Here is a list of some great compare and contrast essay topics for college: