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Every high school senior has the ability to write an outstanding college essay. The question is, will they? Often, that answer lies with their college essay tutor. At College Essay Solutions, we provide college essay tutoring that motivates students to go beyond the commonplace and create a college application essay that will positively maximize their chances for admission

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Dan Selz
Test Prep Tutor and College Essay Tutor

Tutor since 2007
Dan graduated Carleton College, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Philosophy. He is also a professional writer and is trained in breathing, visualization, and relaxation techniques. His extensive teaching experience includes SAT and ACT test prep, as well as coaching for the college application essays and creative writing. With a personal best score of 2390 on the SAT, Dan is able to teach the skills that are crucial to the success of each student. Dan’s goal is to help students and parents make the most of a diabolical test; helping students achieve the highest score possible. By prepping for standardized testing, Dan also hopes to covertly instill longer term learning and life skills for his students. Dan’s broad experience includes tutoring a diverse group of international students.

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With a college essay tutor from Grade Potential, you gain a partner who’s as committed as you are towards your academic goals. We help you improve essay-writing skills in order to boost grades and academic results. What’s more, Grade Potential has tutors in every college subject and course, so we can continue supporting you throughout your higher education—even into grad school!