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It is our good fortune that Jas Elsner, while citing an essay that was so formative for prior generations of students, has paid it no heed in the present book nor in his last, (Cambridge, 1995). Indeed, he argues that the visual per se was theorized more intensely in the periods surveyed, second to 5th century A.D., than in any other time in antiquity. Elsner succeeds admirably in providing Roman interpretations of the artifacts and visual environments of the elite, a highly useful project, even if his is not the history of artists, artistic problems, or aesthetics that Brendel and the art historians of his generation had in mind, nor is it an account that follows the disciplinary allegiances of recent histories of Roman art. With a relatively small number of examples, each accompanied by a usefully discursive caption, Elsner manages to suggest the many worlds of Roman society. The objective is to assess how art “both reflected and contributed to social construction, as well as how it functioned as a marker for different kinds of personal identity—social, provincial, religious” (p. x).

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If you want to cite an essay from in your own work, or if you use bibliographic management software to keep track of works you have consulted while researching, you may find it convenient to download an essay's citation. You need to have full access to an essay (either through a full subscription or pay-per view access) to download its citation; trial access allows you to download citations for essays in Part A only.

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It was Swanson who noted the irony of Jacqueline Kennedy’s pervasive aesthetic influence, citing an essay the future style icon wrote as a college senior, in which she expressed an interest in being an “overall Art Director of the Twentieth Century”.