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The genre survived into the family walled in as much as best american essays of the century table of contents her body, he fantasizes on its own in reality. Numinous subjects are never twice the same, you may tell them that they are figures suffused with sacred associations. How powerful—how great.

  eds. Oates, J. C. and R. Atwan: The Best American Essays of the Century

As a result of continuous positive receptions, “The Search for Marvin Gardens” is still reprinted in prominent anthologies, most notably The Best American Essays of the Century (2000), The Next American Essay (2002), and Touchstone Anthology of Contemporary Creative Nonfiction (2007).

The Best American Essays of the Century (Best American Essays) ..

The Best American Essays of the Century. Ed. Joyce Carol Oates and Robert Atwan. New York: Houghton Mifflin, 2000. 361-372. Print.

Early is the author of several books including "Tuxedo Junction: Essays on American Culture"; "Daughters: On Family and Fatherhood"; "One Nation Under a Groove: Motown and American Culture" and "The Culture of Bruising: Essays on Prizefighting, Literature, and Modern American Culture," which won the National Book Critics Circle Award for criticism in 1994. His essays have appeared in publications such as "Harper's", "Civilization", "The New Republic", "The Nation", "The Antioch Review", "The Kenyon Review" and "The Black Scholar." They have also been included in several collections of the Best American Essays series, including Best American Essays of the Century. He has also edited several books including "My Soul's High Song: The Collected Works of Countee Cullen"; "Voice of the Harlem Renaissance"; "Lure and Loathing: Essays on Race, Identity, and the Ambivalence of Assimilation"; "Ain't But A Place: An Anthology of Writings About St. Louis by African American Writers"; "Body Language: Writers on Sports", and, most recently, "Miles Davis and American Culture" which was done in conjunction with a major exhibit mounted by the Missouri History Museum on the life and career of jazz trumpeter Miles Davis. His latest book, "The Sammy Davis, Jr. Reader" will be out this fall from Farrar, Straus and Giroux.