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If you are writing an argumentative essay in middle school you may be stumped. You may not know what to write about. But here is a hint: write about whatever interests you. Is there something that you have always wanted to study in depth but never did? Is there a debate you always have and now you want to write about it officially? Whatever you select for your argumentative research essay you should make sure it is something you love because that makes the research part much easier.

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Having conciseness in your writing makes it much easier to read. Each of the paragraphs within your body must have a connection to the thesis and some of the paragraphs should be in full support of these statements with enough evidence that has been collected. It’s essential that you explain how the evidence supports the warrant as well. Take note that a unique argumentative research essay should consider and elaborate on points regarding the topic of the piece. Depending on how long the assignment is - one or two of the paragraphs need to revolve around controversy and conflicting opinions. Instead of talking about how these are wrong, note how their opinions do not contradict your thesis; this will make your assignment a powerful and convincing argumentative research essay.

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Your topic should be of your personal interest. Perfect argumentative research essay topics are those on which you already have some background knowledge.