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Let's compile a list of ACT Essay Official Prompts released. They are not published, like SAT Essay prompts, but maybe some people could unearth some. I know the 5 in the red book, the official practice tests, etc.

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Ah, Chef, it is time to reveal the Secret Ingredient in this writing challenge: the prompt. The ACT essay prompt is supposed to be "high school specific." That’s test-speak for “the prompt will give you a debated topic that is typically geared toward, or concerned with, people your age.” You will have to pick a side and argue your point thoroughly and with plenty of supporting examples.

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On the ACT Writing test, you don't get to choose your own topic. Instead, you'll be responding to a prompt. ACT essay prompts try to give you issues that are relevant to high school students. For example, your prompt for the ACT might be something like: 'Should the driving age be raised to 18?' It'll always be something you can answer just from your life experiences; you won't have to remember any specific facts.