An Example and Discussion of a Personal Essay

The first personal essay I ever wrote was written when I was thirty-one and was, in fact, closer toa memoir than to a personal essay. But I found myself greatly elated in writing about that sweetestof subjects-my own experience. Thirty-one, it occurs to me now, may be young to write personalessays. The personal essay is perhaps intrinsically a middle-aged or older writer's form in that itcalls for a certain experience of life and the disposition to reflect upon that experience. Since thattime, I have written perhaps a hundred personal essays, and I wonder if I mightn't conveysomething of what, from the writer's point of view, has gone into the making of these essays.

Generating Ideas for Personal Essays

The following excerpt from Wole Soyinka's (Nigerian Nobel Laureate) Why Do I Fast? is an example of a personal essay. What follows is a short discussion of Soyinka's essay.

Tips for an effective personal narrative essay

3. Are you sure you need to write a personal essay at all?Consider the following situation:

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